“I have heard that a chiropractor near me can help with my anxiety, is that true?”  This is a question that we occasionally hear. Chiropractic care has many health benefits because we deal with aligning the spine, and when a spine is out of alignment, it can cause problems throughout the body.  Understandably, there is a lot of confusion then about what chiropractic can and cannot do.

In June of 2013 there was a study published in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, that listed the results of chiropractic care on treating anxiety and depression. In this case study, the participants all had mild to moderate depression or anxiety.  They also suffered from other symptoms such as asthma, digestive problems, sleep disorders, and musculoskeletal discomfort. If they were on medication at the time of the study, they were instructed to remain on it so that the results would not be influenced.  Over six weeks, the participants visited the chiropractor twelve times for spinal manipulation. These manipulations or adjustments worked to remove any nerve interference caused by subluxations.  The study, then measured subluxations and how much anxiety or depression a participant was feeling.  At the end of the six weeks, all of the participants had reduced nerve interference and also reported feeling significantly reduced depression and anxiety.  Given that the other factors, such as medication, remained the same, it is a clear indication that chiropractic care can have an influence on a persons’ emotional state.

Does a chiropractor near me prescribe medication?

We are frequently asked this question and in the context of treating depression it is important to understand how a chiropractor approaches patient care and medicine, in general.  We believe in a holistic approach to health care that starts with understanding what is causing a patient to have health problems in the first place. Some doctors will treat the symptoms by prescribing medication.  In our clinic, we take the opposite approach by seeking out the root cause and correcting it through spinal manipulation.  While we understand that medication may be necessary for treating some conditions, this is not the approach that we take.  With that in mind, many of our patients will seek to treat a problem like depression by taking a two-pronged approach.  They visit our clinic for spinal manipulation while working with a general physician to treat the condition through medication.  The two approaches together may be more effective, and our goal is that eventually, you will be able to stop taking medication altogether.  The decision to do so, however, is one that you should make with your doctor.

Can a chiropractor near me treat my other health issues?

Given how the spine influence all areas of the body, we can often address multiple health issues through spinal manipulation.  For example, some patients visit us because they have intestinal issues that can be corrected with chiropractic care.  Other patients visit us with sinus infections, etc.  The list is extensive so the best thing to do, is schedule an appointment.  We will meet with you and discuss all of the health challenges that you are currently facing then create a treatment plan to address them.

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