Back ClinicIn our Newport News back clinic, we treat a lot of patients that are in such severe discomfort they are unable to move like they used to. This is common after an injury like getting into a car wreck, being hurt on the job, or even developing a gradual condition like carpal tunnel.  Regardless of whether you had a severe and sudden accident or developed irritation over time, we can identify and treat the problem so that you can feel like yourself again.

Here are some of the reasons patients visit our office:

Car accident victims
This is incredibly common as there are millions of car accidents every year.  When in a wreck, getting whiplash or a spinal injury is to be expected as the sudden hit can cause your body to respond by tensing and jerking in an unnatural manner.  This leaves most people in terrible discomfort and while the shock of the accident may make the injuries seem insignificant, once the shock wears away, the neck, back, and shoulders can start to throb.  Often, people visit our office is such discomfort that they can’t even turn their head in one direction or another. For this reason, we recommend scheduling an appointment the same or next day so that we can begin chiropractic manipulation and provide additional treatments to decrease any swelling or discomfort.  Typically, car accident victims need to come in several times a week for the first month or so in order to prevent flair ups in trouble spots.  This will gradually decrease until a patient reaches the maintenance stage of their care.  While this may seem excessive, when faced with a life of severe discomfort and the need for constant medication, or having a life with full mobility – visiting our office several times a week becomes a much more preferable option.

Workplace injuries 
In our back clinic, we often treat people that have been injured at work.  This can be someone working on a job site where a large or heavy object slipped and caused joint damage or an office worker experiencing irritation from constant, repetitive movements.  Virtually all jobs have some level of risk when it comes to injury.  Even an office manager typing at a computer all day can find themselves in discomfort due to constant typing or the way a chair was positioned.  This can lead to severe headaches, neck, shoulder, and back irritation.  An injury in these areas can create further issues with the rest of the body to the point that many of our patients come in the office experiencing irritation in their arms and legs, as well. We recommend visiting our office at the first sign of discomfort so that treatment can begin before pain medication becomes necessary.

In our back clinic, we offer a variety of solutions to help our patients feel their very best.  It starts with chiropractic manipulations to get the spine into alignment.  This is necessary to ensure that the body remains in good health.  Any further discomfort can also be treated with cryotherapy, interferential electro-therapy, or electrical muscle stimulation.  We will suggest a treatment plan during your first examination with the goal of helping you to feel well as quickly as possible.

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