Pain ManagementAs we treat local patients, it is a privilege to see how chiropractic care can improve their lives.  We are passionate about helping our patients to feel better and to live full lives, without restriction.  Too often pain prevents a person from doing the activities that they enjoy and spending time with family and friends.  Unlike a traditional doctor, we look at how our patients live and how they want to live, then work towards a solution that enables them to do what makes them happy.

When the spine is out of alignment, it can impact all areas of the body and create a large amount of back, neck and shoulder pain.  The back can become misaligned due to an accident or even sleeping wrong.  In severe cases, like after a car accident, a persons’ mobility can be significantly impaired.  These are things we are able to address in our office by adjusting and aligning the spine or using treatments like cryotherapy, interferential electro-therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation.  We take a comprehensive approach to health care so that our patients see results and can start enjoying life again, without worrying about pain.

Here are some examples of how chiropractic care has improved our patient’s lives:

Our patients have paid us the highest compliment every time they say they are pain free or doing the activities they enjoy again.  Chiropractic care can make a profound impact on a persons’ life, and we welcome you to experience it for yourself.  Call Therapeutic Solutions LLC Chiropractic & Wellness Center at 757-873-4131 and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Brill.

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