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Treatable Conditions

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A detailed guide to the symptoms we treat related to chiropractic pain.

Back Pain

What’s the cause?

Lower back pain is the number one complaint we hear from our patients, and can be a source of chronic pain when left untreated. Back pain often results from shifting vertebrae, which causes injury to spinal joints and their supporting ligaments. Experiencing sudden sharp lower back pain during movement is a common sign of this misalignment of spinal joints.

Putting off back pain treatment doesn’t eliminate the problem. In fact, it accelerates it. When something in the body is off, other areas pick up the slack. Overcompensating bodies begin to wear down quickly as this is not a sustainable solution. Neglecting back pain can result in arthritis, muscle spasm, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and pinched nerves. Additionally, masking symptoms with medication can magnify the issue. The short-term relief comes at a severe long-term cost.

How can this be fixed?

Treating back pain with chiropractic care is going right to the source of the condition. Our chiropractic practice has more than 18 years experience specializing in back treatment. Our holistic approach provides a treatment that allows your body to heal naturally and stay strong over time.

Shoulder Pain

What’s the cause?

In some many cases, shoulder pain actually stems from a neck condition. You might be wondering, “Then why does my shoulder hurt, doc?” We get this question frequently. The short explanation is that the brain perceives things differently than you’d think. Nerves are responsible for controlling specific parts of the body. When a nerve experiences pressure, it interrupts the conversations between the brain and the body part. The brain sounds the alarm by triggering pain in the body part at risk.

That’s why a neck condition can cause symptoms like shoulder pain, upper arm pain, muscle weakness, and sensations of pins and needles in the arm, hands and fingers, without ever feeling it in your neck.

Several conditions cause shoulder pain without involving the neck. Conditions like rotator cuff syndrome, bursitis, impingement syndrome and arthritis can all affect the shoulder. You can see how knowing the root of the problem can be critical to proper treatment.

How can this be fixed?

Having your condition examined by an industry expert is strongly advised. We specialize in neck and shoulder corrections by providing thorough evaluations and personalized wellness plans.


What’s the cause?

Headaches come in a wide range of severity levels, but all come with discomfort. Several environmental factors can trigger a headache. Some of the most common are food, sound, light, stress, exhaustion, and fluctuating blood sugar. Although these triggers can lead to headaches, they aren’t necessarily the direct source of pain.

The actual problem exists within the neck and shoulders; your head’s foundation. Tightness in these areas can misalign the neck vertebrae and result in significant pain. The discomfort begins at the base of the skull and radiates within the temples, eyes, and forehead.

How can this be fixed?

Understanding that headaches stem from misalignment is a key starting point. Temporary relief is simply that — temporary. Unfortunately, medications can’t realign vertebrae, but chiropractic doctors can.

Massaging the neck and shoulder muscles releases tension, and a chiropractic adjustment realigns the vertebrae.

Research shows that spinal manipulation improves headaches originating in the neck almost immediately, based on reports from Duke University. This research also revealed that chiropractic care offers significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief than commonly prescribed medication.

Here are some ways we will treat headaches at our chiropractic office:

  • Perform spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments to improve spinal function and alleviate the stress on your system.
  • Provide nutritional advice, recommending a change in diet and perhaps the addition of B complex vitamins.
  • Offer advice on posture, ergonomics (work postures), exercises, as well as relaxation techniques to relieve recurring joint irritation and tension in the muscles of the neck and upper back.
Sciatica and Pinched Nerves

What’s the cause?

A pinched nerve is an immediately noticeable issue. The discomfort stems from a compressed nerve. Too much pressure from nearby cartilage, bone, tendon, or muscle that is out of place is all it takes to trigger debilitating pain.

While the most common areas for pinched nerves are the neck and back, they can occur anywhere. The sensations of a pinched nerve are typically pain, numbness, and tingling.

To identify a pinched nerve, look for the following symptoms:

  • Pain radiating from the neck to the back
  • Burning or sharp pain in the arms or legs
  • Pinching sensations when turning the neck
  • Sharp jolts when twisting the back
  • Shoulder blade or buttock pain
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms or legs
  • Pain in the face, jaw or ear
  • Headaches with no other cause

How can this be fixed?

Problematic nerves can have a significant impact on basic movement. Yet, pinched nerves are often confused with other causes. That’s why consulting a professional is recommended. Our primary chiropractic doctor, Dr. Brill, has the highest level of understanding when it comes to the nervous system functionality. He will evaluate your pain and devise an impactful treatment plan.

Hip Pain

What’s the cause?

Pinpointing the cause of your hip discomfort can be challenging. The pain and stiffness that commonly result from hip issues can be a sign for a broad range of potential problems. While severe cases often include arthritis, bursitis, fractures, and strains on tendons and muscle, we’ve found that the most common culprit of hip aches is the body being out of alignment.

Hip pain also radiates to neighboring areas of the body. If the discomfort extends to nearby parts — i.e. thigh, groin, buttocks, or joints – it could all stem from a problem with the hips.

How can this be fixed?

We believe pain should never be left to question. Personalized care identifies the real problem, relieves the pain, and prevents potential long-term joint damage. Consulting a chiropractic doctor like Dr. Brill is the safest and most effective plan of action.


Moms-to-Be & Chiropractic Care

The body experiences a dramatic increase in physical stress during pregnancy. The mother’s body prepares for a child by shifting the center of gravity towards the front of the pelvis. Displacing this new weight increases the stress on the joints and the spinal disks. During late pregnancy, the baby applies pressure in areas that irritate the sciatic nerve.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Chiropractic manipulation is completely safe for both the baby and the mother during pregnancy. It is especially beneficial to expecting mothers who are avoiding medications to treat pain.

Potential benefits include:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Controlling symptoms of nausea
  • Reducing the time of labor and delivery
  • Relieving back, neck or joint pain
Sports Injury

What’s the cause?

An athlete needs all mechanical aspects of their body to function properly for high-level performance. Marathon runners, weight training competitors or just someone participating in a company softball game are all susceptible to musculoskeletal injury. Fully repairing the body requires more than masking it with medication and a few weeks off. Our team will evaluate the injury and provide a focused, cohesive and efficient treatment plan, from recovery to prevention.

How can this be fixed?

Chiropractors are unique because they treat the body holistically, as a single integrated system. Contrarily, many medical doctors prefer only to treat each injury individually. Maintaining fluidity of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves are essential to an athlete’s performance.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What’s the cause?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a problem of the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand. It occurs when the median nerve gets compressed in the carpal tunnel—a narrow tunnel at the wrist. The compression results in pain, weakness, and numbness in the hand and wrist, and radiates into the forearm.

Carpal tunnel is caused by repetitive motion, such as typing or assembly line work, which causes pain and injury over time. As carpal tunnel syndrome has become more widely recognized, it’s important to understand that there can be a variety of causes for this nerve pain that may not be CTS. Our team has helped prevent hundreds of unnecessary surgeries due to a previous misdiagnosis of this condition. We will take the time to evaluate all of your symptoms and treat the problem at the source for long term healing.

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