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Chiropractic Treatment for Back, Neck, and Full Body Discomfort

Chiropractic Treatment for Back, Neck, and Full Body Discomfort

Many people are seeking alternative methods of relief for back discomfort, and chiropractic treatment is an excellent option to consider over traditional efforts offered by physicians of other specialties. Over 35 percent of chiropractic patients seek treatment for back issues caused by a variety of reasons, from sports injuries to car accidents. Many people who experience the negative effects of arthritis also visit for this alternative form of treatment. In addition to back problems, chiropractors address discomfort and limited range of motion associated with the neck, arms, legs, torso, and even hands and feet.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Problems

We offer a variety of treatment options for back discomfort after we provide a physical examination to determine the cause of the problem. Our options include but are not limited to prescribing diet changes, performing spinal manipulations or adjustments, providing medical massages, offering stretching and strength training suggestions that can also be performed at home, and counseling patients on weight loss. Much of your discomfort is likely related to stress on your joints, ligaments, muscles, bones, and other connective tissues. We address each of these areas gently to provide comprehensive healing of soreness and lack of mobility.

Chiropractic Treatment for Other Areas of the Body

While over a third of patients visit our chiropractic office for problems associated with their back, one-fifth of chiropractic patients visit for treatment for neck discomfort and stiffness. When you are experiencing neck problems, it can be a debilitating condition that limits your ability to perform daily tasks and go to work every day. We can help you find relief.

If you complain of aching, tingling, or inflexibility in your arms and legs, we can perform an examination of these extremities and also address the origin of the problem, which is likely related to your spine. Most issues associated with your arms and legs are due to a barrier or injury affecting the nerves that exit your cervical spine. Nerve irritation, though it seems insignificant, can result in distraction, lethargy, and lack of ability when it comes to simple tasks such as reading, driving, or using a computer.

If you are unhappy with your current physician, our chiropractic office can become your primary health care provider and can advise you in all areas of health with our comprehensive chiropractic treatment options, full licensing, and medical expertise. We pride ourselves on not including medical prescriptions as part of your treatment if at all possible because we strive to remain a holistic healing option. If you treat your body with medication too often, it can become dependent on the medication to function healthily and may not ever completely heal itself. To receive an examination and trusted chiropractic treatment for back and neck problems, arm and leg sensitivities, and discomfort or limited motion in general, contact our office to learn more. We can provide you with a resolution that will allow you to pursue life to the fullest.

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