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How a Family Chiropractor Treated My Health Problems

How a Family Chiropractor Treated My Health Problems

family chiropractorAs a family chiropractor, we treat people that are suffering from a variety of health issues.  The spine is extremely important for overall health.  When it is out of alignment, it can lead to severe back pain, headaches, numbness, and even issues with your intestines, sinuses, etc.  Everything in the body works together so by keeping our patients spines in alignment we can help them feel better overall.

Here are some of the stories we have heard over the years about how chiropractic care helped people dealing with health problems.

My wrist feels better…
Many people think of chiropractic as only helping the back.  However, we have treated patients that have suffered from a slip and fall accident and hurt multiple areas of their body at the same time.  One patient fell at a retail store and hurt her wrist in the process.  A family chiropractor treated her back and wrist at the same time and helped her to regain full mobility which was important for her to be able to keep her job as a nanny since lifting small children is difficult to do when you are experiencing pain.


My headaches have gone away…
Our patients commonly come to us after suffering from severe headaches.  A lot of people are unsure why they have headaches and simply live with them by taking constant pain medication.  This is no way to live.  It’s bad for you, and a headache can interfere with your ability to enjoy life.  Regular headaches may be caused by your spine being out of alignment, so we recommend stopping by our office for a quick adjustment every time the headaches get bad; many of our patients report feeling better right away and without the need for pain medication.


My sinuses feel better….
Sinus infections can be treated with antibiotics but for some people they continue to come back with regularity and create unbearable headaches.  A family chiropractor can help to improve your sinus health through spinal adjustments.  We recommend that people come in whenever they have a sinus headache so that we can help them to feel better quickly.  Some patients that felt they had to get sinus surgery have been able to avoid it as a result of chiropractic care.


My body healed faster…
When our patients come down with the flu, the common cold, or any other illness – we recommend chiropractic care.  When the spine is properly aligned, the healing process can be sped up so that patients recover faster and can often avoid some of the negative symptoms that come from being sick.  In fact, we have had couples where one came in for treatments, and the other did not – only to find that the spouse getting chiropractic care got better faster.


As a family chiropractor, we are witness to miracle stories every day.  Patients that were suffering from terrible pain and other health conditions are feeling better and able to enjoy their lives in ways they didn’t think was possible.  We invite you to experience what chiropractic care can do for you.

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