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Find a Chiropractor Near Me to Help With Arthritis Pain

Find a Chiropractor Near Me to Help With Arthritis Pain

Chiropractor Near MeThose looking for a chiropractor near me to help with arthritis pain should pay a visit to our wellness clinic.  We focus on the overall wellness of our patients with the goal of helping our patients to live a life that is long, healthy, and with full mobility.  As people age, the mobility portion can become challenging as joints become stiffer, and movement tends to become restricted.  In addition, 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, a condition caused by degeneration of cartilage found in the joints.  This condition does several things including weakening the muscles, loosening the ligaments, and reducing elasticity and lubrication in the joints, making it more difficult to move like normal and creating overall irritation.  People of all ages can suffer from this condition though it is most common in the over sixty crowd.

If you are unsure if you have osteoarthritis, some common signs are swelling in the joints, pain after working too hard or staying inactive for a long period of time, and overall achiness. Generally, people simply live with osteoarthritis and take pain medication in order to feel better.  There are some drugs on the market that claim to help with the condition but we are more focused on natural healing and try to avoid recommending medications whenever possible.

Since we are geared towards natural health, we examine patients to identify the source of the issue and what is causing the joint swelling or discomfort in the first place.  Sometimes, making changes in diet and exercise can help while in many cases combining chiropractic adjustments with these lifestyle changes can make the biggest difference.  In fact, in a five-week study of 100 patients with osteoarthritis, one group of patients started an exercise program only while a second group also received manual adjustments.  The group receiving chiropractic care had better results with 81 percent of this group having perceived improvements, compared to only 50 percent of the exercise-only group.  This is why if you have osteoarthritis or are concerned that it is developing, you should find a chiropractor near me to provide you with manipulations so that you can benefit from all of the treatment options available to you.

We also recommend chiropractic care to ensure that the rest of your body is functioning properly.  The spine plays an important role in the overall health of your body and with even one vertebra out of alignment, you can experience other health issues and problems in areas like your digestive system.  Some people, for example, have constant sinus problems that are cured once their spine is manipulated into the proper position.  These issues are commonplace and as a chiropractor, we know that manipulations are an excellent companion to traditional medical care along with being beneficial as a stand-alone treatment.

Whether you have swollen joints and the early signs of osteoarthritis, or a severe backache, we recommend that you find a chiropractor near me to provide the holistic care you need to start feeling better and regain your mobility.

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