“Can a chiropractor ease the tension in my back?”, is a question that you may have asked yourself many times. The answer is yes, we can ease the tension in your back efficiently for a permanent recovery. As a chiropractor, we are specifically educated to use hands-on treatment methods to encourage proper alignment in your body’s musculoskeletal structure. A large focus of a chiropractor visit will be on aligning your spine and easing discomfort in that important region. As a  chiropractor, we strive to decrease your discomfort and immobility without the use of medications as often as possible.   

If you have had a recent injury to your spinal structure or other joints, or you have a pinched nerve or chronic pain, we can help.  In our office, we can relieve your joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones to improve your daily movements. Visit today for a treatment and to get answers to your important questions like the few listed below.

Q: What is the process of an appointment with a chiropractor near me?

A: During your visit, we will first get to know you by asking questions about your medical history, your injury, and your symptoms. We will then perform a physical examination to determine what treatment and diagnosis are correct for your back discomfort or another injury.

After this process, we will make the adjustments you require to move the joints to the proper alignment location. Every method of treatment is based solely on your personalized diagnosis that is dependent on your injury or current range of movement. During your visit, we might also advise you on proper exercise routines, beneficial eating habits, and other at home techniques you can perform to ease the tension in your back.

Q: If the chiropractor near me gives me at home exercises, can I also come up with my own?

A: You should never try to adjust your own back at home. Even when you have a specific at-home routine to try, you should not deviate from it. Making up your own adjustments or doing amateur adjustments you read about on the Internet can worsen the injury, cause more permanent damage, and increase discomfort. All patients are not adjusted the same way. Your adjustments are based on your particular needs to give you the best possible timetable for healing. Your treatment is unique to you, so it provides the best results.

Q: If I am already seeing another doctor for medical treatment can I still visit a chiropractor near me?

A: Although our chiropractor focuses largely on your body’s self-healing power, you can still visit if you are receiving other medical care. Visiting our office can add more natural healing power to your other medical routine for quicker results.

Our hands-on techniques, medical massage practices, and advice will help your body by alleviating joint discomfort, improving movement range, calming pinched nerves, and decreasing inflammation in your muscles, joints, and bones. If you have injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis, or chronic discomfort, visiting our office will provide the safest and most beneficial treatment available to you. We hope we helped answer some of your questions about a “chiropractor near me.” Visit us for many more solutions to your needs.

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