Chiropractor headaches treatment can treat the debilitating discomfort in your head that makes it hard to focus and function on a daily basis. If you experience headaches, you may describe them as tightness, dull or throbbing aching, or sharp shots of irritation. Your headaches may occur behind the eyes, in specific areas, or in your whole head. What many people do not know is that some headaches occur due to the position of your spine. If you have reoccurring headaches that last for days or hours at a time, we can help.

What causes chiropractor headaches?

A common cause of headaches is the partial dislocation or misalignment of parts of your upper back and neck. Chiropractic adjustments are incredibly effective for alleviating discomfort and treating tension, throbbing, and sharp discomfort in the head.

Spinal manipulation can even result in the immediate release of tension and longer lasting relief. For a sustained relief of chiropractor headaches, visit our office. Approximately 72 percent  of migraine sufferers reported improvements in discomfort after receiving chiropractic treatment for their headaches.

Every patient is different and has various reasons that headaches occur. Before we begin treatment, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your head, neck, and back. We will also take a brief medical history. In most cases, we can significantly improve your headaches by adjusting the vertebrae in different parts of your back. Never try to massage your own neck or back to relieve headaches without direction, as you could do more harm than good and increase your headache.

In addition to adjusting vertebrae, we can also work the tensed muscles that could be contributing to your chiropractor headaches. Different muscles attribute different levels of discomfort to areas of your head.

How does chiropractor treatment help my headaches?

A chiropractor headaches treatment will be performed in sessions over a period of a few weeks. If you do not see results after a few weeks, we can continue treatment or consider other options. In some cases, patients have more serious conditions related to their headaches. Most patients notice immediate or quick results from our chiropractor headaches treatment. Depending on your individual situation and how long you have had headaches, results will vary.

Can chiropractor treatment make a difference if I don’t have a headache during my visit?

Yes. Repeated treatments will lead to long-term results, even if you aren’t experiencing a headache during your appointment. Our treatments involve repositioning misaligned areas of your spine and loosening tensed muscles, and the healing of these areas will take time. Continued visits to our office will help increase the speed of recovery and limit headaches as the problems are corrected.

How can I help the chiropractor headaches treatment process work faster?

You can’t technically speed up the healing, but you can practice certain measures to limit symptoms. Applying a cold pack to the area we point out as the problem can help alleviate discomfort and swelling. Applying a heating pad for short periods of time to the neck and head can help comfort muscles. If we show you any tension relief exercises to practice at home, do them as directed.

The position of your spine and the muscles surrounding it directly affect your head. For a chiropractor headaches evaluation and treatment, make an appointment to visit our office.

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