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Here in Newport News and all over Hampton Roads, we’ve experienced days well over 100 degrees this summer. In short­ it’s been a hot one. Although the majority of us enjoy the hot summers over the ice and snow during winter, we definitely need to be aware of our water intake during the summertime. Hydration is not only important for keeping you comfortable and cool on a hot summer day, it is also very important for your body to operate properly. Water accounts for 60% of our body weight because it has multiple functions and some major responsibilities in keeping our body healthy. For example, water carries nutrients and waste products between our major organs, it helps to regulate our body’s temperature and lubricate our joints that act as a shock absorber. Water is essential for our muscles as well. Muscular aches and pains throughout the day or sometimes waking you up in the middle of the night can actually be caused by mild to medium dehydration. If you are dehydrated you may also suffer from headaches, constipation, sleepiness, muscle fatigue, or dark yellow urine. Water should be your first line of defense! Try to take note while you’re having fun in the sun at how often you’re sweating and losing water. Make sure you’re replenishing your body with exactly what it needs to keep you going this summer! We always have water available to our patients in our office so don’t hesitate to help yourself to a cold glass of water in our office kitchen to keep you healthy and hydrated this summer.

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