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Improve Your Health With Visits to Our Wellness Center

Improve Your Health With Visits to Our Wellness Center

At our wellness center, we believe that your health should be addressed before you ever get sick.  Too often in medical care the attention is placed on treating illness, discomfort or the symptoms that are associated with it.  Very often that is all that is treated – the symptoms.  Being well is much different than managing the symptoms of sickness.  Being well means that you have the energy and physical wellbeing to do all of the activities that you want to, that you are not constrained or restricted in your movements, and that you do not have to say no to fun activities because of how you feel.  Wellness is the ability to thoroughly enjoy life, even to embrace it.  That is why we focus on helping our patients to maintain wellness and good health, rather than simply treating people after they have been negatively impacted by a health problem.

Your Spine and Overall Wellness

As a wellness center, our main focus is on the health and alignment of the spine.  Your spine is critical to the health of your entire body.  When it is out of alignment, you are likely to experience discomfort, headaches, soreness, tension, etc. These are the common symptoms that may lead you to grab the ibuprofen or to call our office for a spinal adjustment. While we are happy to treat these symptoms so that you can become comfortable again, we would prefer to help you stay well and avoid these issues with regular spinal adjustments.  This way, you do not reach the point where you have restricted mobility or feel the need to take ibuprofen to manage your discomfort.

Since your nervous system runs through your spine if you are out of alignment, one of your nerves may become pinched and this can also impact other areas of your body.  While you may not think of your spine when you are fatigued or when you have a sinus infection – everything in your body is related and an adjustment can help to prevent these common issues.  Keeping your spine in alignment can also help with your digestive track.  Millions of people suffer from IBS, constipation and regular stomachaches.  In our wellness clinic, we have seen people finally be rid of their stomach issues through regular spinal manipulation.

Medication versus Visiting Our Wellness Center

We understand that certain medications have an important role to play and at times they are necessary for recovering from illness.  The problem is that modern medicine tends to rely too heavily on medication rather than holistic healing.  Medications tend to come with their own side effects so placing them in your body can be detrimental.  Just listen to the disclaimers at the end of any pharmaceutical commercial.  You must then decide whether or not that risk is worth it.  We suggest first trying natural and holistic solutions like spinal manipulation so that you do not need medication or so that you do not need them as often.  This is particularly true when you are considering taking pain medication or muscle relaxers.

To learn more about spinal manipulation and how our wellness clinic can help you, call and schedule a consultation.

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