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Pain Management Tips from Your Local Chiropractor

Pain Management Tips from Your Local Chiropractor

Pain ManagementWe help patients to practice pain management so that they can feel better and live life the fullest extent possible.  After obtaining an injury, it can be difficult to move like normal and pain can be so unbearable that many patients find it difficult to continue with their normal activities.  Things like playing with the kids, going for a boat ride, or simply working can become difficult and painful.  We recommend ongoing chiropractic treatment to provide a long term solution to keeping patients healthy.

Chiropractic care is a long term solution for your keeping your back and neck aligned so that the rest of your body can be healthy.  Your nerves flow through your spinal cord so when your back is out of alignment it can impact your overall health, in addition to causing pain.

Pain management is something that you can practice on a daily basis so that when you are away from the chiropractic office you can still feel good.  We recommend that patients do the following:

  • Visit our office on a regular basis.  After your initial evaluation, we will make a recommendation for how often you should get adjusted.  If you have had a recent accident, this could be several times a week.  As your health improves, you will not need to visit the office as frequently.  Keep your scheduled appointments to make sure that you don’t have a flair up.
  • Drink plenty of water.  It is important to stay hydrated.  Otherwise, your muscles can become tighter, and your body will feel less healthy overall.
  • Get a massage on a weekly basis. When your back, neck, or shoulders have been injured a massage can help to relax the muscles that have tightened and swollen, as a result.  Many patients find relief from weekly massage.  As you heal, the time in between your massages can be increased.
  • Stretch.  We can show you a variety of stretches that are safe to do during your recovery process.  Stretching will help your muscles to loosen up and to relax.  This is important to do after an injury and also during your ongoing life.  If you sit at a desk all day, get up and walk around then do your stretches to prevent your muscles from tightening and causing pain.
  • Pain Relief.  It may become necessary to take pain medication after a major accident.  If you are in this spot, don’t worry.  Take what you need and as you continue to have natural treatments, you will need less and less medication to keep you feeling well.

Pain management requires ongoing effort.  If you only go to the chiropractor some of the time, only stretch now and then and forget to get a massage, you will find yourself in increased pain that requires more medication than normal to feel better.  It is far better to stay ahead of your pain and be proactive in your approach to feeling well.  For more information or to schedule an appointment call our chiropractic office today.

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