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Parents and Children Can Benefit From Visiting a Family Chiropractor

Parents and Children Can Benefit From Visiting a Family Chiropractor

Chiropractic Treatment

With at least 80 percent of Americans suffering from back discomfort, visiting a family chiropractor is becoming more and more popular. People of all ages experience discomfort and alignment issues, which is why visiting a trusted family chiropractor is so important. Parents and children alike can visit at the same time to save time and money, and your whole family can receive the healing they need. Listed below are a few common statistics that may help families understand how they can benefit from visiting our office.

Back problems are the most common form of disability for people under the age of 45, which is why it is so important to visit a family chiropractor for care so you can continue working. Don’t wait until your back discomfort is unbearable and you have to seek out disability assistance from the government, visit today instead. 

Over 20 million Americans will visit the chiropractor this year alone, making it a popular occurrence for all ages and demographics. Thirty-one million Americans are experiencing back discomfort right now.

One-fifth of American military medically related discharges are a result of lower back discomfort. If you are in the military, plan an appointment with our family chiropractic office during your next leave to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

It is believed that patients who visit chiropractors regularly are more satisfied with the level and effectiveness of the care they receive than what their family physicians offered. If you are currently seeking health care from a family physician and you are not receiving the level of care you would like, consider visiting a family chiropractor. We believe in holistic healing and the power of approaching medical problems naturally, rather than immediately prescribing medication or suggesting surgical intervention. While all patients may not be able to benefit from more natural means of healing, most do. If we feel your level of injury needs additional medical intervention, we can suggest trusted physicians who can provide extra help. Lower back discomfort is one of the five most common reasons people visit a medical physician, but a family chiropractor can provide the best care for this problem.

The majority of back discomfort cases are related to mechanical problems rather than serious health conditions like cancer, arthritis, or infection, yet back problems are being misdiagnosed daily.

Nearly 100 percent of all spinal manipulations are performed by licensed chiropractors. If you need a spinal manipulation because your body feels out of alignment or you are experiencing back discomfort, a family chiropractor can help.

In the Western world, over three-fourths of the population will become disabled by back discomfort in their lifetimes. This number is unnecessary when comprehensive care and healing can occur when you visit a family chiropractor. Don’t become a part of the large majority, seek out care now.

We hope these statistics have helped you better understand the importance of visiting a family chiropractor when you are experiencing discomfort, tightness, or loss of ability or range of motion related to your back or neck. We can locate the root of the problem and provide you with a safe and effective solution.

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