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Study Shows the Importance of Obtaining Chiropractic Care

Study Shows the Importance of Obtaining Chiropractic Care

Back Pain ClinicIn our Newport News chiropractic office, we treat patients that are suffering from a variety of conditions related to their back. Many people that are unfamiliar with chiropractic care want to know if it is better to visit a chiropractor than their general doctor and if so, has it been proven. A recent study did just that.

In order to test the importance of chiropractic wellness, researchers studied 91 active-duty military women and men that were between the ages of 18 and 35. All of the participants were currently suffering from acute low back pain and had been doing so for a month or less. Out of the group, 46 people received regular medical care only.

The group receiving traditional medical care were given physical therapy and pain medication, educated as to how they could reduce their activity levels and had diagnostic work done. The other 45 received chiropractic care in addition to standard medical care. They also received additional treatments that included short massage, and instructions on how to stretch and exercise – all things we do in our chiropractic office.

In order to measure the results, researchers looked at both groups and rated their physical function and self-reported pain. At the end of four weeks the pain and disability decreased in both groups but those that received chiropractic care were measurably better than those that did not. As a chiropractor, we understand why. Providing patients with pain relief and minor physical therapy is not enough to treat what is creating the problem in the first place. When the spine is out of alignment, adjustments must be completed to move it back into place. This is done through ongoing chiropractic care. When the spine is aligned, pain will be reduced, and functionality will be increased.

In our chiropractic office, we understand that a combination of therapies is beneficial for relieving both immediate pain and preventing pain from reoccurring in the future. When you schedule an appointment, we will evaluate your condition and make recommendations as to what you can do immediately to start feeling better. This may include alternative therapies in addition to regular spinal adjustments. Over the course of your treatment, we will also show you how to stretch and exercise in order to strengthen your back. This is extremely important, especially for those with low back pain where strengthening the core can prevent future injury.

At times, patients may still need some level of traditional medical attention. This is more common when a health issue arises as a result of an accident. For example, people that are in a car wreck may need a traditional doctor to treat a wrist that was broken while seeing a chiropractor to address their back injury. We work in conjunction with other medical professionals to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and can live life fully, without restriction.

If you would like to read the referenced study, click here. For help with your pain, call our chiropractic office and schedule an appointment.

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