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Tips for a Healthy Spine in the Summertime

Tips for a Healthy Spine in the Summertime


The last thing you need on your summer vacation is a back injury that leaves you to bed ridden for days. Here are some tips to keep your spine healthy during long road trips, watersports, and other summer activities.

Road Trips

  • Before you hit the road for your family vacation, take a few minutes to adjust your mirrors and seat position. If your vehicle is equipped with built-in lumbar support, take advantage and adjust accordingly. You may also tuck a small pillow behind your lower back to create a more comfortable position for your spine. Last but not least, practice good posture! This may seem like common sense but sit up straight while you’re cruising, you’ll thank us later!


  • Use your best judgment when swimming in unfamiliar areas, but be especially cautious of diving and jumping into water without knowing its depth. There are as many as 1,000 spinal cord injuries every year due to shallow water diving according to ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation.

Airplane Travel

  • If you are traveling by airplane, try to snag an aisle seat to easily stretch your legs, pack light to avoid strain when placing your bag in the overhead compartment, and use rolling luggage to give your back a break.

Whether you are traveling, going out on the water, or taking a walk through the farmer’s market, remember to stay hydrated as temperatures rise. Proper hydration is important for muscle and joint function, including their recovery from activity. Dehydration can cause cramping and other aches and pains that can aggravate existing conditions. Keep plenty of water with you throughout the day. Fruit and veggies can also boost your water intake, as snacks or flavor for water. Watermelon, cucumber, and tomatoes are some of the refreshing options that are in season locally during summer.

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