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Tips for Staying Healthy From Our Wellness Center

Tips for Staying Healthy From Our Wellness Center

Wellness CenterAt our wellness center, we believe in the importance of staying healthy and using chiropractic care and spinal manipulation to promote overall health and wellbeing.  As such, we recommend that our patients visit our office when they feel sick, are experiencing discomfort or for regular checkups.  This way we can ensure that the spine is in alignment and functioning properly.  When it does, the entire body benefits.

There are certain things that you can also do at home in order to stay in good health.

  • Go for a walk.  Too often, people sit behind a computer or on the couch and don’t get enough exercise.  Moving around is good for your body and walking is a low-impact activity that everyone in the family can enjoy.  Grab your kids, grandma, and even the neighbor and go for a stroll.  We recommend walking at least thirty minutes a day, and an hour is even better.  If you have a park or library nearby you can even turn it into an outing.
  • Drink water.  In our wellness center, we frequently stress the importance of drinking water.  When you do, your body will stay healthier, and your appearance will improve as your skin will appear more vibrant and youthful.
  • Take fish oil.  Most people don’t get enough Omega-3 in their diet.  You can supplement by taking fish oil.  This is important for your heart health but can also help with your joints and overall mobility.  Women that are pregnant and nursing should also take fish oil since it can help to replenish the Omega-3s that are going to the baby.
  • Stretch.  Muscles and joints can become stiff due to a lack of movement.  Stretching can help you to stay loose and feel great. A lot of discomfort that people experience is due to a simple lack of stretching.  In our wellness center, we can show you stretches, that you can do that, are safe for your back and neck. Do them daily in order to prevent soreness.
  • Exercise.  In addition to walking, you should complete exercises that target specific areas of the body.  For example, when you strengthen your core muscles and exercise your back, you can prevent further back and neck injuries while decreasing discomfort or soreness that you may be experiencing.  A strong core is essential for helping your back to feel better because it will make your muscles able to support your back.
  • Watch what you eat.  A healthy and balanced diet containing lean protein, green leafy veggies, dairy and complex carbs will help you to have sustained energy and feel better.  Avoid sugar is it is bad for you and makes it harder to fight infection.

In addition to having good habits at home, you should visit our wellness center at least once a month.  We can examine you and adjust your spine as necessary.  We will take the time to ask questions and listen to any health concerns that you have.  Our goal is for you to stay in excellent health, and we will make recommendations for what you can do at home along with treatments that will keep you feeling healthy and strong.

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