Therapeutic Solutions LLC Chiropractic & Wellness is a family chiropractor office that treats patients of all ages.  Chiropractic care is an essential part of improving your overall health and maintaining it.  Many people think that they only need treatments after they have been in a car accident or hurt at work.  The reality is far different.  Ongoing care will help you to prevent pain and injury.

When patients first visit our office, we will conduct an initial examination that typically includes x-rays.  This gives us the opportunity to learn more about the patients, their lifestyle, and any pain that they are experiencing.  As a healthcare provider, our goal is to help patients to live life to the fullest, without pain or physical restrictions.

As a family chiropractor, we help to identify the root cause of what is creating pain, causing muscles to be stiff, or restricting mobility.  This is different from a traditional medical doctor.  When you visit an MD they typically treat the symptoms.  For example, if you have high blood pressure they will treat it by prescribing medication instead of giving you a diet and exercise routine to follow.  Chiropractic works differently.  We evaluate the body as a whole to determine what can be done to prevent the symptoms in the first place.  This helps our patients to reduce or eliminate some of the medications, specifically pain medications they have been taking and creates a plan for long-term sustainable health.

Some of the common things we treat are neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, headaches, sciatica issues and overall stiffness or soreness of the muscles and joints.  This can all be caused by a misalignment of the spine.  When your back is out of line, it can impact various aspects of your body including your muscles and joints.  It can also impact your intestines, sinuses, digestive system and more.  Nerves flow through your body, and when one is pinched or out of place it can restrict blood flow and cause issues.  By aligning the spine, you can eliminate some of the pain you may have been feeling and improve your overall health.

As a family chiropractor, we are skilled at treating young patients and helping children to also feel their best.  Many young kids suffer from knots and back pain.  Physically growing can be uncomfortable and when combined with an active lifestyle can easily cause the spine to go out of alignment.  Kids do things that adults can only remember enjoying.  Things like jumping down from a tree branch, getting into wrestling matches, karate fights, and turning mattresses into a jungle gym to climb and jump on.  These fun innocent childhood activities can cause a misalignment and sore muscles.  As children age, sports play a major role in back pain.  Childhood athletics are a fun and healthy activity, but any sport comes with risks.  By visiting the chiropractor on a regular basis, you can ensure that your child’s back stays in good shape and that any minor injury is corrected immediately before it can cause permanent damage.

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