family chiropractorAt our family chiropractor office, we treat both adults and children. While most people think of chiropractic as a treatment option for older patients, children can benefit as well.  In fact, we encourage families to visit our office together so that we can ensure everyone is living a life of optimal health. Our focus is on the overall wellness of our patients, and we understand that by aligning the spine, the entire body will benefit.

Years of training and experience have given us the tools to treat children without causing them any discomfort.  Since the bone structure is still developing in children, it takes less effort to adjust their spine.  Typically, light pressure is all that is needed, and the adjustments are typically over before a child really notices. Bringing them in on a regular basis can be helpful for ensuring that your child does not suffer from unnecessary back, shoulder, and neck tension, headaches or general discomfort.

Some of the other reasons that parents bring their children to our family chiropractor office has more to do with their overall wellness.  For example, Earaches are a common problem in children and one that can be minimized by adjusting the spine.  Simultaneously, allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections can all be eased with help from our chiropractic office.  Keep in mind how essential the spine is to the overall health of your body.  The reason for this is that the central nervous system is protected by and functions via the spinal chord.  Your central nervous system controls the function of your entire body.  There are no organs that function without the support of this system.  Knowing this, it becomes clear how your spine being out of alignment could negatively impact the health of the rest of your body.  Many children throw their spine out of alignment while playing sports or even in normal daily activities.  If they complain of a backache, we encourage you to bring them in for an appointment so that we can complete an adjustment and help your child to feel better.

A few of the other reasons that children visit a family chiropractor are:

These are all traditional reasons that our adult patients visit our chiropractic office.  As a parent, you can help by watching for signs that your child may be suffering from any of these symptoms so that they can feel better quickly.  Your children are more apt to complain if they are struggling with a headache.  They may also complain about the light, noise, or sounds.  If this is out of the ordinary for them, they could have a severe headache that requires treatment. Other more subtle signs can be noticed as well.  Given this scenario your children could have a sore or tight neck, lower back discomfort and more.  If it appears that they are not moving around as freely as they normally do, call our family chiropractor office so that we can adjust their spine and help them to get in good shape again.


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