As a family chiropractor, I know that our industry will see an average of 22 million people each and every year for any number of ailments, discomforts, and aches. The reason is that Americans have realized that there are many options and alternatives to surgery and other more traditional and invasive ways of dealing with aches. While there are many exceptional ways to deal with trauma and back discomfort which can be found in traditional medicine, a family chiropractor is an option that you should always consider. Our ability to properly align the spine using spinal manipulation and other hands-on techniques enables the body to heal itself naturally and often without the need for medication or surgery.

Many of our patients ask the question “how does chiropractic work?”. The answer is this. As a family chiropractor we use our hands, or a small instrument, to apply a sudden force to the spinal joints. This force naturally is very well controlled by the family chiropractor and serves to loosen the joints and the tissue around the joints. This also corrects the structural alignment which in turn helps the body to start repairing and healing itself, just like nature intended for it to do. In a sense, we are helping a very natural process by making sure that the spine is properly aligned.

When you first visit a family chiropractor there are going to be some steps we take before going to your treatment. We want to know what exactly is going on, what is causing you to have discomfort, and if there has been any trauma that could affect the treatment. To achieve this, you will have a full consultation, which will include medical imaging and x-rays so that we have a very good idea of the condition of your spine, and can make a treatment plan specifically designed for your situation. Once we know exactly what we are treating, we will start the treatment plan.

Chiropractic treatment, as provided by a family chiropractor, will involve adjustments to make sure that your spinal cord is properly aligned, controlled force to improve range of motion, and may include other elements for a more holistic healing experience. Other elements that may be added, or recommended for a person going through a chiropractic treatment could include massage therapy. Exercises and self-controlled physical therapy are also elements that we have been known to include in the treatment plan. The soothing of the muscles and the working out of knots, through massage therapy, works very well in tandem with the adjustments. In addition, to these kinds of physical treatments, we can recommend nutritional needs. For a family chiropractor, we want to make sure that the whole body has the ability to work on your healing and be healthy enough to avoid further injuries in the future.

Over 35% of people who come in to see us each day come in with chronic back irritation, which is an epidemic in modern American society. With age old techniques and modern technology, we are able to give our patients the relief they need and the long-term healing their body craves.

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