Why Chiropractic Care in Newport News VA?

Chiropractic Newport News VA Back Adjustment

How is chiropractic care different?

Chiropractic care in Newport News VA takes a holistic approach to observing the body’s health.

It’s based on the idea that the body is self-sustaining and self-healing. Your brain is the boss. It controls your body’s functions through intricate networks of nerves. These networks are a team. When one nerve is weak, the entire group underperforms. Fixing the source of the problem and maintaining alignment allows the nerves to work efficiently as you age.

Masking painful symptoms with medication is like muting your TV.

Your body is still trying to tell you something, but you choose not to listen. The complexities of the nervous system require extensive knowledge to properly evaluate and treat.

Many people don’t realize that chiropractors offer several forms of care beyond neck and back conditions. While treating soft and hard tissue cases like and joint pain respectively, they also address severe issues, including fibromyalgia , allergies, and insomnia, among others.

Why is chiropractic care in Newport News VA so effective?

Chiropractic care nurtures the nervous system. A well-functioning nervous system is imperative to maintaining good health. Any interference can potentially present a serious risk. Overtime, we develop posture imbalances and structural misalignment that prohibit adequate spinal function that can lead to the rapid decline of your health. Correcting this misalignment can slow, stop or even reverse other serious health issues.

Consider chiropractic adjustment as a natural “reset” for your overworked, overstressed nerves. The adjustment removes any obstructions to the body’s natural holistic flow.

Who should see a chiropractor?

People who identify with any of the following should consult with a chiropractor regularly:

  • Desire to maintain the body’s optimal functionality
  • Experiencing aches and pains
  • Suffering from Fibromyalgia
  • Recovering from injury
  • Interest in nutrition, health and wellness
  • Suffering from diabetes

What can I expect during my first visit to our chiropractic office?

Expect a friendly atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door. Whether you’re seeking preventative care or suffering from injury, we can help. We focus on learning about you. We’ll discuss your medical history, current condition, and health goals. We care about the big holistic picture. Learning all these little details helps us to properly evaluate your condition and provide the highest level of chiropractic care.


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